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About Dilyana

About Dilyana - Introduction



Greetings from a lawyer-turned-yoga-professional! She majored in law in  native Bulgaria, practiced for a while then realized that such a career path was not fulfilling her aspirations. Dilyana inclination and foremost objective remains to this day, to empower, to enrich the lives of those coming to me. 


Dilyana Mileva is an experienced and certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Self Care Advocate, Essential Oil Educator and Wellness coach. 

You will get your personalized practice sequence, and we will make sure that you are comfortable with your practice and can continue to do it on your own safely and effectively. 

Dilyana will guide your journey on the trails towards wellness in body, mind and spirit. 

Why Dilyana Private Yoga?



No two women are the same! Dilyana Yoga specializes in
Private Yoga, tailored to meet your individual health needs.


Why choose Dilyana ?



Very few women are aware of the hormones involved in their cycle, or how to manage them naturally. You may be experiencing symptoms such as; menstrual pain and irregularity, emotional distress or irritability, fluctuating weight, bloating, acne, excess facial hair, chronic fatigue, anxiety or depression, headaches or even trauma related concerns.

Without correct management these symptoms can go on to negatively impact your life, and may even result in relationship tensions, financial strain (from on-going health care and appointments), or symptoms left unchecked can develop into more serious health complications.

When working with hormones, it’s not a ‘one-size fits all’, as hormone imbalances are unique to the individual and may fluctuate at different times within the cycle.

Dilyana Yoga one-on one private yoga help women not only identify where the imbalance may exist, but will provide a management plan unique to your individual needs to help get you get back on track with your health, and with looking and feeling Divine.

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