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Do you experience some stress? Dilyana Yoga  one-on one private yoga help women not only identify where the imbalance may exist, but will provide a management plan unique to your individual needs to help get you get back on track with your health, and with looking and feeling Divine. 


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Many women today suffer from stress, burn-out, poor sleep, poor digestion, irritability, pain and a general sense of feeling unwell. Few women understand many of these symptoms can come from a hormonal imbalance. We are seeing a rapid increase in women struggling to manage the symptoms of endometriosis, infertility, period pain, stress, anxiety and abnormal menstrual cycles. Many of the symptoms women suffer are unnecessary and can be managed through appropriate yoga asana and meditation.

Dilyana works deeply into the layers of the body to release physical pain and discomfort, whilst easing stored trauma, emotions and belief systems contributing to poor health.



This program is 90 days of transformation. Each private yoga class is carefully researched and structured according to your unique health needs, and focuses entirely on establishing hormonal balance and well-being within the female body.

You can be assured your program is individual, unique and structured specifically to support you and your health needs. You will notice a considerable difference to your hormonal health, digestive health, mental and emotional well-being within weeks.