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Dilyana Yoga provide a powerful and simple tools to eliminate stress and reduce the symptoms of Menopause.

You can expect from Wisdom of Menopause program:

  • Have  a stress free live
  • Free   of pain ( mental and physical)
  • To  reduce, elevate or live better with  some or all symptoms of menopause
  • Energize  and start to feel better in your body and more.


Wisdom of Menopause program

Wisdom of Menopause Yoga program

C$ 1,687.50
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Wisdom of Menopause Yoga program


Wisdom of Menopause 90 days transformation program a series of yoga asana, meditation, pranayama (breath work). I am using Essential oils and acupressure tools to inspire woman in transition period to change their mental state, lifestyle and over all well being for a better life. You will learn tools to bring into your daily life to alleviate the symptoms and install a sense of equilibrium and well-being whilst re balancing the hormones. There are yoga poses which are particularly beneficial in easing the symptoms at every stage of our menopausal journey and over the 12 week course we will learn postures and relaxation techniques to aid your journey through this important and empowering stage of life. We will practice both active and restorative yoga postures. There will be a focus on developing meditation and breathing practices for relaxation. We will also share yoga nidra, a yogic sleep practice for deep relaxation, Mudras and Bandas is also included. You will start seeing results with weeks.



This program is 90 days of transformation. Each private yoga class is carefully researched and structured according to your unique health needs, and focuses entirely on establishing hormonal balance and well-being within the female body.

You can be assured your program is individual, unique and structured specifically to support you and your health needs. You will notice a considerable difference to your hormonal health, digestive health, mental and emotional well-being within weeks.

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